About Us

"Hello, I am Helen, and this is Helens Chanel"
This is how I begin every Youtube video on my Youtube page “Helens Chanel " where I talk about the History of Chanel, Past and Present Collections, What to look for Real vs. Counterfeit, What is Haute Couture and it’s future, Chanel alterations, and much more all about CHANEL!
I love fashion, particularly Chanel. I love the way it’s made, flawless detail, and ease of everyday Wear. Nearly twenty years ago, I began selling my personal Chanel items to other Chanel fashionistas, and to ladies alike who have always wanted to have some Chanel in their wardrobes. I started selling Online only and continue this way because that is how I am able to reach ladies all over the world. I have sold thousands of beautiful Chanel items from past and present collections to fashionable ladies in France, Germany, Russia, Micronesia, China, Italy, Japan, Abu Dhabi...literally EVERYWHERE! 
I recently have added Social Media to the mix and new items come in weekly!
You will find me on
Instagram #HelensChanelOnline
Facebook @HelensChanel
Youtube subscribe: HelensChanel
however, at HelensChanel.com is where you will be able to purchase the most up to date newest featured collection of Chanel items. Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter for recent and rare Chanel finds!
I have made so many wonderful Chanel friends through my online selling--Do please feel free to email me if you are looking for a specific item at HC20850@aol.com as I love to talk Chanel with a passion and I’m always on the lookout for rare Chanel for many of my clients.
P.S. I have a GREAT Layaway plan -- 20% down, then you pay your own preferred amount that is comfortable for you ($30.00 minimum) each month until your purchase is paid off. Additionally you can pay a different amount each month if you like. I charge no interest, no "handling fee" or “hidden fee” etc, only the cost of the item plus shipping! I am able to offer this flexibility to my clients since all of the items are owned and kept personally by me!