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"Hello, I am Helen, and this is Helens Chanel"--This is how i begin every Youtube video on my Youtube page-"Helens Chanel " ,and it is how i would like to introduce myself to you on my website. Like yourself, i love fashion, Chanel in particular..Nearly twenty years ago, I began selling to Chanel fashionistas, ( a devoted follower of fashion), and to ladies like myself who have always wanted to have some Chanel in our wardrobes... Online only, because that is how I am able to reach ladies all over the world-I have sold thousands of beautiful Chanel items from past collections to  fashionable ladies in France, Germany,Russia, Micronesia, China, Italy,Japan, Abu Dhabi--well,you get the idea ... EVERYWHERE !
Times goes by, and now we have added Social Media...You will find me on Instagram "Helenschanelonline", and Facebook "Helenschanel", and Youtube--"Helenschanel" ,but here at Helenschanel.com is where you will be able to purchase  from  the most complete listings and descriptions of my Chanel items--I have made so many  wonderful Chanel friends through my online selling--Do feel free to email me , at [email protected] or [email protected], and please sign up to follow my social media sites as well.  I am always happy to talk about Chanel ! P.S.  I add more Chanel to this website every week---and I have a GREAT Layaway plan -- 20% down, then you pay whatever amount you like ($20.00 minimum) each month until your purchase is paid off--and you can pay a different amount each month if you like.. I charge no interest, no "handling fee", etc--nothing but the cost of the item plus shipping..

Our Story
We have  sold thousands of  authentic Chanel items all over the world, online, for 20 years-- clothing, jewelry, shoes,boots,accessories, etc  from past collections and we have made some amazing friends, clients, suppliers, fashionistas, and Chanel lovers
To see it ALL....

Why Us?

This website has been created to continue and enhance the many , many Chanel-lovers we  have met online, for 20 years-We will be able to communicate directly with you, to learn your likes and dislikes, and to answer any Chanel questions you might have. Enjoy the pictures of the Chanel items we have for sale, and the the  videos we  continue to add to the webpage -as well as to our Youtube channel , 'Helenschanel". We often use guest models-some are professional models, some are clients who are successful in other fields, but also enjoy putting together Chanel outfits in my office ! Click on "store" in the header above, and it will take  you to our categories of Chanel for you to enjoy and purchase.

Chanel photo sessions-
Here we are getting ready for a Chanel photo shoot , with Kevin Kennedy Photography, Silver Spring, MD, which these young models can use for their portfolios.. I love using live models, and I often have "guest models" -These are  accomplished ladies  from all walks of life who love Chanel. When they come into my area of the country, they stop by, we do a Youtube interview, and then, just for fun, they  pick out whatever they would like to model from my Chanel closets--You get to see how the clothing, jewelry, shoes, boots, etc, look on Real People, and you are also able to see the various combinations that the  ladies put together. This way you can enjoy the tastes and choices of a variety of different ladies --different ages, different  lifestyles, different professions...but  all with the love of Chanel in common....