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Chanel jacket with beaded scallops-sz 4-5 -

Affordable Chanel jackets

We have closets full of authentic , affordable,Chanel  jackets from Chanel's most famous  past collections, at Helenschanel.com-and more are added every week!. We consider these jackets to be Chanel's most versatile fashionista items--today you can wear a Chanel jacket with jeans, or with your most beautiful Chanel gown... Have some fun , enjoy the 

Chanel experience. Pictured is  our model ,Karyn Kittrell,   "Reigning Miss America Northern States Teen, 2018" , doing just that --wearing a black wool Chanel jacket with rows of white scalloped beads -We have Chanel jackets which are sporty, dressy, tailored, frilly-- you name it.. There are jackets for every season as well...all are beautiful, and in excellent condition. With a Chanel jacket, you can change the look of any outfit ! Click on "Store"  above the jacket picture, to see over 140 Chanel items for sale, by category.